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Foros > Conociendo gente para trabajar... Que esperamos?

#1 Julia Publicado el 07/01/2005 a las 13:26:57 Workshops in Buenos Aires

I write from Rome, Italy. Forgive me if I am writing in english but I am still studying your language and am not too good at it yet. I have been studied at a drama school here in Rome for three years and now I would like to try something new and different, I would like to see how actors and directors of other countries work. A friend of mine spent 7 months in Buenos Aires last year... and she told me about many interesting things regarding performing arts in your contry. I was thinking to come visiting you and I would like to know if there are any workshops planned on August or September 2005 in or close to Buenos Aires.
If you are part of, or know good companies, groups, schools offering intensive workshops in Buenos Aires or close to it in those months please let me know. I speak english and italian and I hope to be able to speak spanish for that time too.

Thank you!


(I hope this is the right place to write this message)
#2 Julia Publicado el 07/02/2005 a las 14:50:31 Re: Re: Workshops in Buenos Aires

Hola Karina, muchas gracias por tu resupesta. Estoy estudiando español pero no hablo y no escribo muy bien. Quisiera hablar contigo! ¿Podés escribirme a mi e-mail ?

Muchas gracias!
#3 Julia Publicado el 07/02/2005 a las 14:52:15 Re: Re: Re: Workshops in Buenos Aires

My e-mail es: y podés escribir en español!
#4 Pasqual Publicado el 16/02/2005 a las 11:50:25 Re: Re: Re: Re: Workshops in Buenos Aires

Hola, te dejé mi dirección de e-mail. La recibiste?
Ahí va por las dudas....

> Te esperamos pronto por Argentina. chau

#5 Javier Acuña Publicado el 17/02/2005 a las 14:41:03 Re: Workshops in Buenos Aires

Do you find your workshops finally? Maybe is a quite soon to do that... but in september you have the Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires with too many workshops... let me know if you want some more info...
#6 Rah Publicado el 02/11/2005 a las 20:46:50 Re: Re: Re: Workshops in Buenos Aires

Hola, no entiendo inglés, pero creo que buscás talleres de teatro, qué tipo de teatro te interesa? Naturalista, antropológico, ritual, de la imagen, o...? Hay muchos y muy buenos profesores. Contáme qué buscas y te oriento. Un beso.
#7 PublicidadPublicado el 25/02/2017 a las 02:06:20 Publicidad

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