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Cesar Coelho

Cesar Coelho

Is one of the most solid contemporary Tango dancers of this time, and has various studies in many dance forms, such as Modern Jazz, Ballet and Argentine Tango.
Cesar belongs to a traditional family of dancers. Beginning his dance career in a modern jazz company and being introduced to Tango by his father.
Personalizing his individual style and further extending his studies with other renowned masters.
Cesar's Tango Debut was at the early age of 17 performing with the master Juan Carlos Copes.
In 1997 he formed part of the ¨Oscar ¨ nominated film ¨ Tango¨ and in 1999 he joined the Broadway show ¨Forever Tango¨ as the lead dancer for their first performance in Japan.
Cesar formed part of the company ¨Tango Pasion¨ featuring the ¨Sexteto Mayor¨ in 2003
and has traveled throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa performing in many prestigious Theatres around the world such as the ¨ Lincon Center¨in New York City, ¨Des Camps Elysees¨ in Paris and the memorable ¨Teatro Colon¨ Opera house in Buenos Aires.

Among Other experiences, he has also performed in various television events world wide
and in the Argentine film ¨ Sueños Atomicos¨ with Miguel Angel Zotto.
In Buenos Aires Cesar preformed in the most prestigious Tango houses of Argentina.
¨ La Esquina de Carlos Gardel¨ and Piazzola Tango¨.

Cesar is a devoted dancer who travels the world sharing his knowledge and Passion for dance.

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