Daniel Wendler

is an argentinian singer, dancer, actor and musician.

He started his career very early (7 years old) and from there, He never stopped studying and performing in different places and countries.

In relation with his academic formation should be noted: Guitar Interpretation (UADER and “Juan Manuel de Falla” Conservatory, 2004-2012), Private Singing Lessons (2009-2019: Silvia Meuli and Victor Torres), B.A in Acting (UNA, National University of Arts, 2009-2019), Dancer and Interpreter in Contemporary Dance (School of Ballet of “San Martin” Theatre, 2011-2013).

He has worked (dancing and bringing concerts) in very important places like Théâtre National de Chaillot (París, France), Teatro Colón (Buenos Aires), Berliner Festpiele (Germany), Culturgest / Rivoli (Portugal), Teatro San Martín, Teatro Cervantes, Teatro Maipo (Buenos Aires), and with important directors like Mathilde Monnier (France), Heiner Goebbels (Germany), Liliana Porter (Argentina/USA), Roland Bader (Germany), Mauricio Wainrot, Carlos Trunsky, Alejandro Tantanian (Argentina) and others.

Between his most important works in Argentina could mention: “Entreactos”, “The barber of Sevilla”, “Beatrix Cenci”, “Matria”, “De Materie”, and others. Between his works outside of Argentina: Orchestra and Choir International Academy "Teatro del Lago", “4 seasons”, “El Baile”.

He always works in dialogue between official theatres, his own musical/movement research and the teaching, in this way we can mention many works, like: “Útero” (his opera prima like Director), “11 y un bis” (popular music’s show), “Me too” (contemporary dance’s practice); working like Vocal Coach: “4 seasons” (2015), “María sobre María” (2017), “El Baile” (2017-2019); working like choreographer: “Eleven” (2015), “Potranca” (2016), “Litoral” (2017); singing in many Chorus/Vocal Groups (“Oigo Voces” popular vocal octet, “Contemporary Music Ensemble”, “Internationales Vokalemsemble Berlin”, and others…) and like teacher his Physical Training & Contemporary Dance classes (2015-2019), and his Private Singing Lessons (2014-2019).

His artistic research is continually going to new horizons, looking for new forms to do art, working in collaboration with artist of different disciplines.

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