Jueves, 19 de Enero de 2017

De Arthur Kopit

Present by The Suburban Players

Mamma's Hung you in the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Sad

A parody in “bastard French tradition” as stated by the author, "Oh, Dad, Poor Dad..." is a spoof of Freudian psychology, and just about everything else. Madame Rosepettle travels through the Caribbean with her overprotected son, the corpse of her husband whom she has had stuffed and keeps in a closet, and an odd assortment of pets with pointed teeth. On the way she has a fling with the owner of the largest yacht on the island, and hires a seductive baby sitter to test how well her son can resist temptation.

This play won both the Vernon Rice and the Outer Circle Awards in New York.

For critical purposes, this is an early example of the American Theatre of the Absurd, following the trend set by Ionesco, Beckett, Arrabal and others in Europe.


Ficha técnico artística
Arthur Kopit
Hugo Halbrich
Clasificaciones: Idioma extranjero, Teatro

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