Domingo, 16 de Octubre de 2016

~On the Road~ Theatre Company

"Here is evil. Here is the pure poison of the soul, the darkness that we are all afraid lurks within ourselves. We are afraid of it. Afraid of what awful things we might do if we lose control. Afraid, but also tempted..."

Temptation. Fear. Rebellion. Horror. Consequences. Two sides of a single coin. A story about the terrible potential all people have to do evil, to harm others and themselves. A story about choices. Characters seeking freedom. Human beings standing on the threshold of doing right or wrong. Them, as doers. Us, as observers. But eventually we all become part of Henry Jekyll's statement of what the curse of mankind is: two polar twins, Good and Evil, continuously struggling within. But what if they were to be dissociated?

Henry Jekyll meets Mary Reilly. Jekyll's life and his secret identity are modified by this shy maid who reflects his fear of his own soul. They share the same fear. Fear of themselves. He provides shelter from the past. She mitigates the rage in him. But what's the price for freedom...?
Clasificaciones: Idioma extranjero, Teatro

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